I always felt like the black sheep of the family because of my interests and passions. I was always far more invested in animals, their well being, and educating the truth about them. I was most definitely that kid who watched nature documentaries instead of kid shows. I also always doodled. In school, my homework and notes always had margins of cartoon characters and each one had a story to go along with it. I knew I wasn't any good but I didn't care because it was just an outlet for my wandering mind. I aspired to be like my cousin—she could draw the proper amount of fingers and toes—so I kept practicing. By the time high school came around, I started to write because of a creative writing class assignment. Writing has helped me work through the darker times of my life, when I felt like I had no one to talk to—even when I did, explaining myself was excruciatingly difficult. Creatively, writing stories also helped me with the details of my illustrations. My progression from illustration into photography started, oddly enough, two years after I graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in fine art with a focus in photography (phew, that's a mouth full). When I was asked to be the photographer for a surrealistic photo shoot, I was over the moon and inspired. It all fell into place.


Everything that I had a passion for melded together beautifully. My photographs resembled my illustrations. My love for animal education pushes me to work, safely and legally, with animals as a means for me to spread awareness. My writing is usually the inspiration for all my visual work.


The most inspiring thing that my parents did was nourish these passions of mine instead of forcing me to focus on my studies, career, or family life (adulting, if you will). They cared about all those things, as with any parent, but they also cared about what I was invested in on a personal level. Then when I met my husband, he became my biggest fan and my most honest critique. Honestly, I wouldn't be where I am without that. Because of this I love being able to bring out the passion and love for oneself—be it your body, your mind or even your emotions. This is something that I continually struggle with and I feel like if I help others realize their worth then I'll feel more confident in mine.

When there was nothing else and no one else, my own creativity was what got me through. Luckily, I've come to a point in my life that I am able to work alongside other artists, where we support each other in our goals. Ennuime is becoming a place that various creatives can come together and collaborate. I will forever and always give credit where credit is due because each image required more than just me. If my name or my experience is involved in a project, then the final work will be proudly displayed. My travels have taken my up and down the west coast and now I've ventured across the country to the East Coast, hopefully oversees will be in my future.

I love to collaborate on every photo shoot, no matter what the style. I feel that if the members of the team are not inspired then the final result will fall short from what it could be. If I learned one thing in college, it is that every piece of artwork has a part of the people involved, whether it is purposeful or even known.

My goal is to produce images that evoke emotions or tell a story, be that inspired by life or folklore. I feel like my close friend described my work best when she said they were, “...both pretty, soothing...and a little unsettling.” 


My name is Linh Nguyen and I would love to work with you!